“Our purpose is to glorify God by conducting a sovereign, Bible-believing, Christ-honoring Baptist Church in accordance with God’s word”


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Enduring Truth Aaron Lavender

Aaron E. Lavender is senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Greater Kansas City, a growing, and highly visible church in the community.  Aaron is a pastor “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” ( Ephesians 4:11 ), by preaching and teaching the Word of God . . .

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Sermon Series - All You Need Is Faith

Abraham – Faith That Obeys God

Latest Message from . December 3, 2017. Category: Faith, Salvation, Theology

Sermon Archives

The Mother Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Latest Message from . May 14, 2017.

Jesus Christ – The (Open) Door

Latest Message from . April 23, 2017.

Jesus Christ – The Light of The World

Latest Message from . April 9, 2017.

Jesus Christ – The Great Physician

Latest Message from . March 26, 2017. Category: Faith, Salvation, Theology, Worship

Jesus Christ – The Son of Man (Part 2)

Latest Message from . February 26, 2017. Category: Faith, Salvation, Theology

Jesus Christ – The Son of Man

Latest Message from . February 19, 2017.

Jesus Christ – The Word of God

Latest Message from . February 12, 2017.

Who Do You Say That Jesus Christ Is?

Latest Message from . February 5, 2017. Category: Faith, Salvation

Picked Out To Be Picked On – Part II

Latest Message from . January 22, 2017.
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